Re: virus: MEME UPDATE: To Censor Or Not?
Thu, 12 Dec 96 09:40:49 GMT

>> From: Dave Pape <> >> Date: Wednesday, December 11,
1996 4:59 PM >
>> My faith in the power of memes is total. I think that evolving
>> idea-structures, memes and intracranial ideas-structures (I'd still like
>> be able to call ideas interacting within my own head memes) control 100%
>> the behaviours and decisions that people make. >
>I think your claim is too strong. Memes don't control 100% of our
>behaviour as
this thought experiment will illustrate: Let's say I >throw you out of a
plane with no parachute. If you fall, then >that behaviour is contingent on
physics. If you scream, it is
>genetic (no-one has to teach you how to scream). If you pray, however,
>that is
memetically-driven behaviour.

You talk sense. I was overstepping the mark to make my "no free will"
point. The
essence of what I was aiming at is that to "choose to pray" is actually memes
coding for prayer dominating your brainspace and taking control of your