RE: virus: Evaluating Math

Schneider John (
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 02:50:12 -0500

David Leeper wrote:
> 1] Science is a subset of Magick. It changes ignorance into
> knowledge. I'm saying this to point out that Magickians
> are not "anti-science".

Since I don't know anything about Magick, I cannot argue.

> 2] Cohesive Math itself can be seen simply as a formalization
> of techniques mathematicians have used for centuries. The
> little letters that are used to represent the quality in a
> formula are simply the base numbers of Cohesive Math.
> Example:
> e=mc^2
> e=1
> m=2
> e=mc^2 = 1=2*0^c^2
> 3] From 2] you can see that my new system of Magick will
> include all of science. However, it will not be limited
> to science.

When I think of Science, I think of the scientific method and
its implicit realm of applicability, which is: all observable
phenomena. If Magick is not to be subject to the limits of
Science, then one or the other of these should be different.
If you can write down the 'magickal method' and its realm of
applicability, we might better determine exactly where it
differs from Science... So far, it appears to me that you've
changed the syntactics around a bit, but that does not consti-
tute a fundamental change of any sort.