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On 29 Nov 96 at 3:38, Schneider John wrote:

> > Does a change in the law necessarily reflect the beliefs of
> > society?
> my guess: No. Example: marijuana prohibition... I'd like to
> see this put to the popular vote.

Me too. But I'd first like the populace to be aware of the facts
of the decision should they be in favour of prohibition. I
think many people would, through ignorance of medical opinion
concerning the drug and a lack of awareness about the *cost* of
prohibition, vote for prohibition. If they could be shown the current
state of medical thought on the matter (I can forward some literature
to anyone who's interested - off list), and equally, if they could be
shown just how much of their tax dollars the 'war against drugs'
costs, they might think again. I'm sure that if they were given a
straight choice of 'you can spend x% of your income trying to stop me
or you can mind your own damn business' they'd be quite happy to let
me smoke what I want in the privacy of my own home.

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