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David McFadzean (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:49:59 -0700

At 11:05 PM 25/11/96 +0000, Ken Pantheists wrote:
>David McF wrote:
>/I/ would say the heiroglyphs don't encode memes at all but rather are
>stimulous-patterns for various meme-complex interpreters that did not
>exist in the intervening 2000yrs and even the second recreation of the
>interpretive meme-complexes are grounded in pure linguistic, not fully
>cultural, interpretation.
>What those that suggest language/communication `encode memes' would
>say I have no idea. :)
>I agree with david.

Actually that was a quote from Alex Williams <>.

>The memes are created by the reader to interpret/explain the language in
>the heiroglyphs.

I agree that adjunct memes were created in the process of interpreting
the original content.

>Look at the memes that were released into our culture at the time of the
>Tutahnkhamen (sp?), king tut's, tomb escavation. Although there was a
>significant amount accurate cultural knowledge that was released into
>british and american culture, there was a 1920's Egypto-vogue that was
>even more wide spread-- our culture's way of
>explaining/celebrating/participating in the spread of ancient egyptian

True, but the heiroglyphs contained messages like "Cleopatra is pharaoh"
which exist independently of 1920's Egyto-vogue. Wouldn't you agree that
the heiroglyphs encode the memes that represent the "accurate cultural
knowledge" you refer to?

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