Re: virus: Re : Complexity was TT and Absolute Truth

David McFadzean (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 23:36:34 -0700

Alex Williams <> wrote:

> /I/ would say the heiroglyphs don't encode memes at all but rather are
> stimulous-patterns for various meme-complex interpreters that did not
> exist in the intervening 2000yrs and even the second recreation of the
> interpretive meme-complexes are grounded in pure linguistic, not fully
> cultural, interpretation.

OK, you mentioned you are a computer professional. Would you
call this a program?:

use Math::BigInt;$|=1;$%=2;($y,$b=>$c,$d)=map{new Math::BigInt $_}4,1,12,
=(10*($y%$b),10*($c%$d))=>($;,$:)=($y/$b,$c/$d)until($;-$:);goto a

I'd call it a program, even though it isn't actually running on
a computer. In fact you need a perl interpreter (v.5) to see what
it does. (If you don't I'd be really impressed!)

If you wouldn't call it a program, but instead a stimulus-pattern for
a particular programming language interpreter I'd understand. I wouldn't
agree, but I'd understand.

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