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ken sartor (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:47:19 -0600

At 03:08 AM 11/14/96 -0500, Schneider John wrote:
>David Leeper wrote:


>The uncertainty principle has nothing to do with the speed of
>light. However, quantum mechanics does attack the speed of light
>by insisting that the collapse of the wavefunction occurs instant-
>aneously over all space. Because of this, a two particles shot
>away from one another, both governed by the same wavefunction, will
>seem to be 'connected' in a way that defies the speed of light:
>Measuring one will collapse the wavefunction, ensuring that a
>measurement of the other will yield a particular result, which
>might not have been the result earlier. Since the measurements
>can take place in such a way that no sub-luminal signal could
>travel from one particle to the other, we conclude that, if any-
>thing, the wavefunction occurs faster than the speed light. The
>assumption now is that the collapse occurs everywhere instantane-
>ously. (This has been tested experimentally.)

Why do you think a signal is sent? I agree with your data, but
not your interputation...

The instantainous collapse of the wavefunction is a non-local
effect. Strange universe, but what can you do? (Heck the
two slit experiment still amuses me.)