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Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 11:49:22 +0000

LAWSCH asked:
my question is why do christians feel like they
can only socialize with other christians?

Good question.

Surely, it must seem like christians do this if you have never been
around religious people.

If you grow up with a religion or any sophisticated symbol system you
would, after many years develop a keen vocabulary for that language, and
a lot of your life experience will have been focussed through the lens
of that language.

I have been why theatre people only hang out with other theatre

The answer is, they do when they are doing, learning, discussing

As do christians when they do/learn etc.

I haven't got much advice other than after going on the retreat, ask her
to go to a ball game.

If after you both do what each other likes, go on a couple of dates
where you just talk about christianity and ballgames. If you find you
have little or nothing to say about christianity, and she has little or
nothing to say about ball.... well... you may have compatability
problems in the long run. After all-- conversation in the mainstay of
all relationships. If you are rreally copatible, you will learn from
each other and grow together.

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