virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #81

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 09:53:09 +0000

I am posting this because I meant to respond to it in my previous
message, but didn't.

David McFadzean wrote:
I'm not a Truth Believer. But I do believe in objective reality.
I think there is a fact of the matter about the roundness of the
world independent of humans and their culture.

I agree, the roundness of the earth is independant of humans and their
culture. And the pure, physical roundness of it also places it outside
of the study of memetics.

What is part of a memetic field of observation is the memes, human
culture that surrounds flat earths, round earths and, I guess (with the
internet) spiderweb shaped earths.

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