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David Leeper (
Mon, 27 Aug 1956 22:32:48 +0000


> David, can you give the page number(s) where
> Dawkins describes evolution as occurring instantaneously?
> If you can mis-quote when *quoting* I am sure there is
> some major mis-interpretation here.

Page 190. And page on page 188 we have "they evolve rapidly
and at the drop of a hat."

Actually, I object _more_ to Dawkins calling evolution slow.
This is an out-dated concept.

> So "the only way" is now OK, eh?

"The only way" has now gotten past OK. ;->

> You don't like the adjectives "slow" and "gradual"
> and have no guts to replace them with better ones
> -- just make it vague enough so nobody complains...

Tad, you're such a Child. You're complaining to me
that you have nothing to complain about!

If you want adjectives, try this:

"We now know Evolution races along at a pace that is
several orders of magnatude faster than Darwin thought

You want guts, try this:

"As we begin to understand and master the techniques of
this modern view of Evolution, we begin to realize that
we shall soon possess a body of knowledge more powerful
and more dangerous than both Einstein's Relativity and
Quantum Mechanics combined."

> I'm not sure how you define "a smart-ass" above,
> but this kind of explanation sure looks like a good
> example. Do you prefer to be called a "smart-ass"
> or a "dumb-ass"? (It all comes to Zero after all...)

Mr. Smart-Ass will do just fine, thank you.

David Leeper
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