virus: Truth Table

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 12:31:14 -0800

CoV TRUTH TABLE (as of 1996-11-13)

We are trying to find a name for "something" we all understand somehow.
It is a property (or a set of properties) of Objective Reality which makes this
world knowable and predictable and lets humans fly without wings.

David McFadzean: Universal homologous form a la Wittengenstein
Jason McVean: Absolute Truth
David Leeper: TRTH!n (or the Child)
Tad from TeTa: TT (or Absolute Truth or The Truth)
Richard Brodie: The zillion-bit stuff out there that cannot
be mapped with exact precision.
JPSchneider: L-B (Leeper-Brodie)

JPSchneider wrote:
>You can add, if you like:
>JPS: either Leeper or Brodie, depending on which level my mind
>is currently operating in.

Done. Next time help yourself -- it's a self-served board.
BTW: your mind obviously operates in the "who" and not in the "what" mode.

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