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Wed, 13 Nov 96 11:03:15 GMT


> Frazer's "The Golden Bough". Somebody said I was wrong about this being
> Lucifer. It's been five or so years since I read the book, so maybe I
> am wrong about "Lucifer".
> The Christians took over the holiday, so I would guess it's pre-christian.
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> David Leeper
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The Christians took over Christmas, from a Pagan festival Xmas* which is
celebrated around the 26th December (I think).

Also, and interesting bit of Christmas trivia:

Did you know that in England, Christmas is actually illegal! In the
16th or 17th century, the king of the time made Christmas illegal by
passing a law on it, and to this day it has not been revoked!

* - Xmas, contrary to popular belief, is not a shortening of Christmas, but
the X refers to a Pagan rune, wich closely resembles the X.

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