Re: virus: TT and Absolute Truth

David McFadzean (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 00:30:44 -0700

Tadeusz Niwinski <> wrote:
> David McFadzean: Universal homologous form a la Wittengenstein
> KMO: (the name is kept a secret from this list)
> Jason McVean: Absolute Truth
> David Leeper: TRTH!n (or the Child)
> Tad from TeTa: TT (or Absolute Truth)
> Richard Brodie: The zillion-bit stuff out there that cannot be mapped
> exact precision.
> I move we call it The Truth. Or shall we continue the discussion?

You are welcome to call it The Truth (or anything else you like) but I
have trouble calling it The Truth for the simple reason it isn't true.
It just is. Truth is not a property of objective reality, nor its
properties, nor its consistent patterns.

As far as I can tell, proponents of the Absolute Truth either have to
show how a property (e.g. the speed of light) can be true, or they have
to say that the Absolute Truth is unlike any other truth in that it
isn't true. Are there any other options?

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