Re: virus: Level 3

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 22:16:58 -0800

David Leeper:
>> David Leeper:
>> I do object to defining something with hazy or invalid definitions,
>> asking money for it, and refering to those who disagree as "Chimps"
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ME: I honestly think you are putting words in people's mouths.
>I don't think so, even KMO jumped on Brodie about that stuff.

Don't forget KMO had to commit harakiri...

>I haven't called anybody a chimp except the textbook-eating chimp in my
>example. However, NOW I'm going to call YOU a chimp. So there.

You are right Stephen: Richard is calling people "chimps", not "Chimps".
Your "honestly" sounds very honest.

David Leeper:
>> Let's just throw this into the memetics blender (the memetomatic?).
>> Whirrr.... Whether it is socail or logical, it's still just a meme.
>Yes, but these classifications of memes act differently from each other,
>as I pointed out above. To say it's _just_ a meme is to ignore some
>valuable analysis on their behaviors.

To say "it's just a meme" is a clear indication of the L3HV infection.

"Fuck you, Stephen" is yet another meme.

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