virus: Pagan Festivals (was Why religious)

Lior Golgher (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 21:43:26 -0800

David Leeper wrote:
> ...and, accordng to "The Golden Bough", Jesus's
> his birthday was orginally Jan 20th! It was
> moved to Dec 25th in order to take over the
> celebrations of, drum roll please, Lucifer!,
> the Sun God.

Ken Pantheists wrote:
> The december festival was the Saturnus Festival.
> SATURN's Day.
> The december date is significant in a number of cultures because of it's
> relation to the longest night of winter, and the promise of new light
> born into the world.
> Why would non christian/ non-Jewish cultures be worshipping Lucifer?

Alchemy Mindworks actually STUDIED this field of pagan festivals.
Therefore I suggest you base your claims upon some concrete facts:
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