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Ken Pantheists wrote:
> D.Leeper wrote.
> ...and, accordng to "The Golden Bough", Jesus's
> his birthday was orginally Jan 20th! It was
> moved to Dec 25th in order to take over the
> celebrations of, drum roll please, Lucifer!,
> the Sun God.
> --------------------------------------------------
> Puleease!
> The december festival was the Saturnus Festival.
> SATURN's Day.

No, this is Saturday.
Sunday - Sun's day
Monday - Moon's day
Tuesday - Forgot this one.
Wednsday - Forgot this one too.
Thursday - Thor's day
Friday - Fria's Day

> The december date is significant in a number of cultures because of it's
> relation to the longest night of winter, and the promise of new light
> born into the world.

The December day is significant because we used to believe there where 360
days in the year (this is why a circle has 360 degrees). We used to think
it took the sun 360 days to circle the earth. Then we got smart and realized
it took the sun 365 days to circle the earth. To explain this discrepancy,
priests made the 359'th day the birthday of the Sun God. Through the power
of his birth we got an extra five days.

> Why would non christian/ non-Jewish cultures be worshipping Lucifer?
> Jesus' birthday is unknown, Fraser doesn't have any special info on it.

It's unknown if Jesus ever even existed. And, as I remember, Fraser does
give a date. This date is based not on research as to when Jesus the man
was born (he may even be a myth), but when the birthday was celebrated.

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