Re: virus: Re: Level 3

David McFadzean (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 22:59:20 -0700

Ken Pantheists <> wrote:

> Now, if you are *really* concerned about the existence of level three. I
> would caution you to analyse how real it is for *you*... real enough to
> make you hate it, real enough to make you feel slighted, real enough to
> make you compete in debunking it.

Though I found the rest of your post immensely entertaining, I have to
object to the implication in the quoted text. Feeling compelled to debunk
something in no way lends credence to its existence. No more than
arguing against the existence of god implies that god exists (or the
soul or absolute truth.. :) Certainly the memes exist, but whether they
refer to anything in reality is the question.

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