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Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 12:44:59 +0000

I think it was Drakir who wrote:

One problem about this is that the Bible has been translated and
re-translated, and modernised, and fuck-knows what else that it's
original meaning may well have been lost.

Does this not make it *more* valid, memetically speaking?

A theologian would say that theophany/epiphany happens in the moment.

Valid only to that moment.

When dealing with things like dates and times and locations, a
theologian might say that all of that is irrelevant when discussing (a)
god. Godpresence occurs outside of space and time.

Religious texts record epiphanies, and apocalypses (revelations of the
past, present and future simultaneously) in an effort to illustrate how
to invite that level of perception to your awareness.

Christmas and Easter are irrelevant, as some theologians would say,
because christ is being born and dying all the time, in every moment,
everywhere. They do however serve their purpose as memetic vehicles.

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine (Jim Roberts) where we
identified (grossly) two streams in religion. The prophet/priest/king
stream and the mythic stream.

Christianity can be described as occupying the latter stream. The priest
caring for the spiritual needs of the people, the king in charge of the
political aspect of life and the prophet being the vocal critic of both.

Unfortunately-- as my friend is quick to point out. The prophet aspect
gets diluted out of the religion as it becomes increasingly centralised
and monarchic.(He is currently involved in a nasty battle with Rome--
trying to get paid his retirement pension.)

I don't know if this helps with the discussion on the validity of the

I suppose it's as valid as a 16th Century map of the New World.

It wasn't accurate and a lot was missing. But it got the people where
they needed to go to make their own discoveries.

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