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> Not forgetting of course, that the Bible was written a number of centuries after
> the incident which is called "the birth of Christ". Evidence suggests that
> the Gospels were written sometime in the 4th and 5th centuries (ie, 300-400 CE*)

That's just the new testament. The old testament predates it in
places by a couple of thousand years (? - pure guesswork; corrections
gratefully received).

> The term BIBLE, I beleive translates as "collection of stories", or some such.

I thought it meant 'book'. If you're right it just serves to prove
your earlier point re: translation.

> > God and government are the two most dangerous things
> > that mankind has ever invented.
> Where do you get all these excellent quotations?

That one I made up (I think - one never knows when there's been a
silent infection). The 'wages of sin' is from a piece of unsigned
graffitti and the others are accredited to the authors where known.

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