Re: virus: accurate statements vs The Absolute Truth (was KMO

David McFadzean (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 21:02:26 -0700

At 09:51 PM 27/08/70 +0000, David Leeper wrote:

>Ok. So I'll call this relative truth TRTH, Total Relative TrutH.
>Next question. Given that OR is in a constant state of flux,
>stars spinning, atoms moving, etc., wouldn't TRTH be in a constant
>state of flux as well? Using ! to represent subscript and t to
>represent a time index, we have:
>TRTH!t = TRTH!t + n, for n = 0 (of course).
>TRTH!t != TRTH!t + n, for n != 0.


>Does this seem reasonable?

Yes, the TRTH changes with time, as you defined it. But let's not
forget that a good portion of interesting truths are time independent
(e.g. speed of light, value of pi, historical events, etc.).

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