Re: virus: TT and The Absolute Truth

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Tue, 5 Nov 1996 22:31:39 +0100

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:

>An apple is objective reality. What do you call the fact that this apple i=

Thats your cultural convention Tad. There's this language in Afrika, well
it might be gone now, that only had two diffrent names for colours, lets
call them x and y. What colour is the apple? x or y?
As an architecture student I argue quite often about what colour something
is, its not a god-given.

>Jason is talking about the same incredible consistency of Nature I call TT.

Are you talking about algorithms maybe?

>Does the objective reality has this property (I call TT and you are welcome
>to name as you like) that causes it to be predictable and knowable?

Sure, I'll go along with the idea there is something out there. Why not, I
do it every day.
Thing is, there is no objective out there. And there sure isn't one in
here, in my brain that is, that fits my ideas of what an objective might
What is an Objective, Tad?

And still things aren't as random as Tad predicts that they should be.
Some things have a higher propability, others don't. We build or recieve
our internal models of the world, and drag these around for as long as they
seem useful. If we find other ones that are newer, prettier, or somehow
more useful, we copy those. And how we judge these new models is by
consent of the other models that we haven gotten around to replace yet.

There is no Absolute Model, although we are getting closer and closer to
the next one.

Now if you could prove that the changes in these models were getting
smaller and smaller; fewer and fewer, then you would be on to something,
the convergence towards the ultimate models. ???

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"Our common sense tells us that
the things of this earth barely exist,
that actual reality is only in our dreams."
Charles Baudelaire, Les Paradis Artificiels.