Re: virus: definition of level 3

Peter =?iso-8859-1?Q?=D6kner?= (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 21:43:16 +0100

=46inally! I have trouble expressing my relief with out sounding ironic,
definetly not my intention, so: Thanks!
Now I know what all the fuzz and buzz-words where about, whas that all
there was to it, or hold on, is Richard going to cloud this explanation?
Anyway, patting myself on the back since i've been level three since my
teens and didn't event realise it had a fancy name, I knew there was a
reason I stayed with this list.

Noctem wrote:

> The level-3 thinker is basically a happy existentialist. He realize=
>that any serious consideration of knowledge, as opposed to seeing it as a
>game, when carried to its extreme will lead to uncertainty and eventual

My favourite qoute, well the only one, from the Qouran goes;
" Do not forget that life is just a game and a way of passing time "
Thats transcibed by memory from some book by Boris Vian, if anybody cares
I'll take a trip to the library and check it out.

>Regarding the "useful" categorization:
> I do not think that Mr. Brodie's use of the word "useful" is a
>throwback to pragmatism. Rather, I think that it is the best way of stating
>that a level-3 thinker chooses his memes on the basis of how he would like
>the world to be structured rather than on an outside basis such as logic,
>mathematics, or God. Of course, this does not mean that a level-3 thinker
>would necessarily avoid logic, mathematics, or God -- he would simply
>appropriate those concepts if he wanted them there... if he found them

Which brings me back to an earlier post of mine where I asked on which
grounds one meme was more usefull than another, or really it was about how
one chooses which belief one should pursue single-mindedly. Is there an
meme event-horizon these one-track-minds does not bother to check beyond?
Playing with yourself gets boring and one does have to get into the game of
life eventually, but...
Oh, I see. Creating more levels 3 to party with, and letting them pay for it=