Re: virus: RE : Smart Asses, The Reason for Reason, Level-3

Sun, 03 Nov 1996 18:33:47 -0800

David McFadzean wrote:

> Have you seen the latest installments in the C Memetic Complex?
> Oops, I just checked and they haven't been published yet. KMO?

Pages 13-15 are on the server. I think that Stephen wanted to have a
"Grand Opening" and then dole the new stuff out a page at a time. I'm
not sure if that's still the plan. I suspect that C production and my
contributions to this list will be reduced to a trickle when I start at on the 11th of this month. It is my intention to finish
pages 16-24 before I start at Amazon, but that means another trip to
Kinko's to use thier scanner; something I dread as time is money there
like few other places I frequent. We're talking $0.40 a minute, and
minutes tend to fly by when I'm doing anything related to computer
graphics. Anyway, I need to have all the art done on paper when I make
that trip to Kinko's, and right now, it isn't done. I did the fun
parts, i.e. the scantily clad chicks, a couple weeks ago. The drawings
I have left to complete are more of a chore for me and easily put off,
but I'll take your inquiry as a sublte nudge in the direction of getting
right on that project and get right on it.

Take care. -KMO