Re: virus: Level Three-Belief and Utility.

Sat, 02 Nov 1996 13:32:45 -0800


based on the inferences you can conservatively make about my math and
theoretical physics background based on the language I use in my posts,
did you believe at the time you posted your response to my question
about orthonormal frames that your answer would be useful to me? Did I
write something that gave you the impression that I could follow your
explanation? You seem to put a lot of effort into your posts, and I'm
wondering what impact you think they have on most of the readers of this
list. Presumably you wrote this one post with me specifically in mind.
Did you intend for your reply to clarify the concept of orthonormal
frames, or did you merely wish to indicate to me how little I know and
what kind of sophistication and background I would need to understand
any meaningful answer to my question? What are your intentions?

Take care. -KMO