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Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 13:26:21 +0000

David Leeper wrote:

> Your description is equivelent to what Zero calls the Child. The
> Child uses intellect and emotion as tools. The Child is the
> Godhood of the individual.

> Are you a God? (You sound like one.)

I don't know how to respond to the question.

I don't know if I am being baited for a slam in the chops.

I was very nervous when posting my opinion on level three because there
is so much contraversy regarding it. There is a prevailent feeling of
competition- that level three is something that can be held over
someone. That it is inherently better and

My work in acting has taught me to respect, and find value, in all the
"levels of the mind". I prefer to think levels one two and three as
points in the spectrum of the human mind. Red- orange, Yellow-green and
Blue-violet. (For simplicity)

(See some of the work done in developmental movement therapy for an
interesting view on the "lizard brain", the "cat brain" and the "monkey
brain" and how they affect the development of kinesthetic awareness. The
three brains are in quotation marks because they are parts of *your*
brain that are used as you develop, kinetically, into an upright
standing person. The basic philosophy is: skip a step, or move too
quickly through one- you have to go back and re-learn it.)

Level three could be a great place to be, but it is supported by doing
levels one and two *really* well. So level one and two can't be bad.
It's like putting down your upbringing. It made you *you*.

To further my point in the last post, I think that level three is a
behaviour that we sometimes engage in, but not always. Moments of true
inspiration or serenity or pure activity take us into level three, but
selfishness, competition, and pride bring us back down to two. This will
happen when we compare ourselves to others.

When I do studio work with my students, we spend a lot of time in a form
of "meditation", working toward an awareness of things we think we are
unaware of. This requires that one adopt a certain level of
vulnerability and release of one's ego-- a release of *expectations*.

We also know that you can't be this way all the time. You have to put
yourself back together a bit so you can face the world and not get

How does this relate to Richard's ideas of level 3?

I think *I* see parallels.

In terms of conducting your life, level three is useful for getting rid
of all the crap that's impeding you from accomplishing (what we call in
acting) your OBJECTIVE.

To extend the metaphor: Levels one and two help you decide what *scene*
you are in.

In answer to your question-- Am I a god?

I like to think of this memetically.

There is a two way street- man creates god and in turn, that god creates
man. Or vise versa.

God may or may not exist, but it certainly *is* a meme.

I, like all human beings, like a god, am a creator.

All creativity comes from god. (Bracing myself for the slam in the
chops-- because I am *not* religious)

Now god can be a man or a woman or a lion or the atomic matter that blew
up, swirled together and formed the first "stew" of water and bacteria.

If you stand far enough away from it, it doesn't affect your creativity,
because you know you have a hand in the creation of yourself.

Level two minds are unconcious of their own participation in the
creation of themselves.

Reading back on this I blush at how "hippy-dippy" this can sound if read
in a certain way.

I'm posting it anyway. So there!

PS. To answer the question in a very short and enigmatic manner--

I am a god when I put on the mask of a god.

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