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: Your translation of Kenneth Boyd is great:
: >English Translation:
: >Engineers are now using concepts of Evolution to write computer programs
: >and build machines. These methods seems promising.
: Seriously, I had no idea that Ken was talking about it. It reminded me of
: Richard Feynman (in "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!") who translated:
: "The individual member of the social community often receives his
: information via visual, symbolic channels" into
: "People read".

Glad I could help. Here's the translation for a few other terms I've
seen pop up from time to time:

Strong AI: Artificial Intelligence programs designed to solve a specific
Weak AI: Artificial Intelligence programs designed to solve general
types of problems.

Sounds kinda backwards, huh? But that's what the terms mean.

: Can you translate this:
: "Cohesive Math directly addresses both of these. Reality
: (as opposed to our preception of reality) is call Zero
: Prime. Objective (or Subjective) Reality is the realm of
: an infinite continua of Simple and Complex Numbers"
: for me please?

Who wrote this crap? : )

In Cohesive Math, each number represents an idea. An idea by
itself is a Simple Number, an idea interacting with other ideas
is a Complex Number. Zero Prime is the only number with no idea
associated with it. It represents reality, not our ideas of

Hope that helps. The URL for on on-line text on Cohesive Math
is at:

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