Re: virus: Snow Crash

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 11:33:13 -0800

KMO wrote:
>Richard has been recommending Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash for some time
>now. I went out and aquired a copy this afternoon. I'm only about 50
>pages into it, but I'm ready to add my voice to choir singing
>Stephenson's praises. It's good, and I can tell I'm not even to the
>REALLY good stuff yet. This book has teeth!

Yes, when Richard and KMO say this is a good book -- it MUST be a good book.

This is an evident case of Memetical Propaganda (MP).
Is it used to test the group, or what?

It reminds me of a joke when Jesus played poker with the Apostles and he'd
always win. One of them asked "Jesus, no miracles, please". Can you two
stop experimenting memetic tricks on us, please?!

All Richard said last time was as blatant as this: "Anyone who hasn't read
SNOWCRASH by Neal Stephenson, STOP and click NOW on this link to order it
from AMAZON.COM". I don't think it is fair to perform Memetic Control (MC)
experiments here -- or at least you should warn us first!

Now, can you say what the book IS ABOUT and WHY you like it?

If you are so concerned with correct English, it is "acquired" not "aquired".

Memetical Manipulation (MM) may not be formally defined as branch of
memetics yet, but it seems like a fascinating project. Look at this group...

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