RE: virus: Level Three-Belief and Utility.

Richard Brodie (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 07:16:38 -0800

Jason wrote:

>I hope I'm making more of an impact than bashing level-3. If I'm
>bashing anything, it's our lack of information about level-3.
>Perhaps if some more useful information were supplied, we would
>all be in a better position to judge it. Is it so complicated
>that the only way the information can ever be imparted is through
>the reading of "Virus of the Mind"? That seems unlikely to me.
>Even Zen masters are more helpful to their students than the
>ever growing number of level-3ers on this list are :-)

You don't need any more information to reach Level 3. You need to
unlearn a habitual way of operating your mind. I'm being as helpful as I
know how via email. If you're really serious, come to Seattle and I'll
talk to you in person.
>Lot's of people claim god exists and they use strange arguments
>based on thought processes I can emulate if I choose. They also
>claim that their belief makes them happier and that it makes it
>easy for them to see how to structure their lives. But that
>just isn't satisfying to the many atheists on the list, among
>whom I'd count myself. That doesn't mean their wrong. It's just
>failure to supply a compelling argument for the existence of god.
>That is, compelling to those who aren't already believers.

That's the bear-trap of the Level-2 mind: going by what's mentally
satisfying versus what works. If you imagine the mind as a landscape of
peaks and valleys, can you see how a Level-2 mind could easily get
caught in a valley or a hillock?
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