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Vicki Rosenzweig (
Thu, 31 Oct 96 09:42:00 PST

I didn't mean to say that Hakeeb had convinced me that there
are distinct levels. When I said his analogy was promising, what
I meant was that it might bring the idea into the realm of the
testable: what can Level 3 minds do that Level 2 minds can't,
if anything? What, if anything, can they do better? (For example,
if a blind person and I are both waiting for a bus, I will probably
notice it first; if more than one bus route uses the same bus stop,
I'll be able to tell which bus it is before it stops, and the blind
person will have to ask someone. Thus, blind people--even those
blind from birth--have reason to believe that there is such a thing
as vision.)


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> Hakeeb's analogy, that level 3 is like a sense that level 2
> people don't have, is promising.

I've posted my respect for Hakeeb in the past, but here I
can't agree. Statements of this type aren't rational. In
fact, the ol' "You can only understand my insight when you've
become as insightful as I" are part of what prompted the Greeks
to create Logic in the first place.
David Leeper
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