virus: Be all you can be (was: AIDS Meme)

Kevin M O'Connor (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 03:55:12 EST

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996 23:55:37 -0600 (CST) writes:

>There are more rational motivations. Have some imagination.
>1) You got drafted. [seems to happen 100% of the time to Israeli
>citizens of the right age....]
> 17th century England variant: You have been impressed [into the
>army, not by someone with phenomenal charisma, appearance, or
>2) You are about to starve to death from lack of a job, or suffer
>dismal career wipeout. Since the transmutation of the US into a
>state, this is less of a motivation in the US.

Massive consumer dept combined with water-treading jobs that offered no
hope of escaping the debt cycle drove one intelligent and creative friend
of mine into the Airforce.

Take care. -KMO