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Richard Brodie (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 19:17:35 -0800

Jason McV wrote:

>If you say that Absolute Truth is a proposition, then obviously
>AT does not equal OB. I'm proposing that we adopt something
>along the lines of "absolute truth is what objective reality
>is". I agree that there is a bit of incongruity there but at the
>same time, that suggestion would require very little alteration
>to how "truth" is used in everyday language. And I tried to show
>in my previous message that something like "truth" is still a
>useful term and that abandoning the term "truth" leads to
>terribly awkward phrasing.

You would be collapsing an important distinction. The Level-2 mind sees
his world view converging on Absolute Truth which ever more accurately
maps Objective Reality. The Level-3 mind sees her memetic programming as
a collection of different, possibly conflicting ways to map Objective
Reality (if she chooses to use that distinction-meme).
>To use your example, I don't mean to say that an apple is
>true. Rather that the truth of an apple (type T) is that it (on
>average) has a concentration of fructose=C, a diameter=D,
>contains N seeds, and so on.

Apples, fructose, diameter, seeds---these are all distinction-memes. Not

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