Re: virus: Level Three-Belief and Utility.

Jason McVean (
Wed, 30 Oct 96 19:35:15 MST

Ken Pantheists wrote:
> I have been very busy over the past couple of days and have tried too
> keep up with the mammoth that has bedome the Level 3- bashing/defending
> thread.

I hope I'm making more of an impact than bashing level-3. If I'm
bashing anything, it's our lack of information about level-3.
Perhaps if some more useful information were supplied, we would
all be in a better position to judge it. Is it so complicated
that the only way the information can ever be imparted is through
the reading of "Virus of the Mind"? That seems unlikely to me.
Even Zen masters are more helpful to their students than the
ever growing number of level-3ers on this list are :-)

Lot's of people claim god exists and they use strange arguments
based on thought processes I can emulate if I choose. They also
claim that their belief makes them happier and that it makes it
easy for them to see how to structure their lives. But that
just isn't satisfying to the many atheists on the list, among
whom I'd count myself. That doesn't mean their wrong. It's just
failure to supply a compelling argument for the existence of god.
That is, compelling to those who aren't already believers.

Perhaps the Church of Virus has already been found and nobody has
made the connection yet.


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