RE: virus: Re: Level 3 Minds (formerly KMO quotes Plato)

Vicki Rosenzweig (
Tue, 29 Oct 96 15:20:00 PST

Hakeeb's analogy, that level 3 is like a sense that level 2
people don't have, is promising. After all, while there's no
act of will, or technology, that can demonstrate light to a
blind person, sighted people can generally demonstrate to
a blind person that we have a sense they don't. And after a
while, a blind person might be able to tell if someone else
was lying to them about being able to see. If Hakeeb's
analogy is valid, then the Level 3 folks should be able to
demonstrate, if not _how_ Level 3 works, what it enables
them to do. Such a demonstration would make an attempt
to move to Level 3 far more appealing, at least to me; Richard
keeps talking about usefulness, but has yet to convince me
that making "usefulness" the main value is more useful than
seeking truth, beauty, or compassion.


If the Level 3 mind is the only way to see light, then everyone below
Level 3 is blind. To pursue the analogy, it would be like describing
colour to the blind. They could only relate the concept to something
they can sense like heat. Red could be hot and blue could be cold.

However, no amount of will power could make a physically blind person
see. Therefore it would be futile to expect Level 1s and Level 2s to
accept the fact that they are blind. The people at Level 3 have the
advantage, they can see what the others can not. The only people who get
to call the shots about who is at what level are the Level 3s.