Re: virus: Memes and Genes
Tue, 29 Oct 96 16:24:16 GMT


Ages and ages ago, you asked me the following, in relation to a statement
I made under the Memes and Genes thread, saying that genes have been
detected that can determine things such as criminality, and alcoholism:

> Can you give me the reference for the study to which you are refering? I
> think if we analyzed it together we might come to more specific
> conclusions. I realize it's a pain to dig up such all I
> can say is: I heard what you heard, and then I heard that what we both
> heard wasn't accurate. Given that there is a lot of hearsay about all of
> this and nobody can convince anybody of much...with or without evidence...I
> tend to belive the simplest theory:

I spoke to the person from whom I recieved the information, and he got it
from a television programme on Channel 4 (England), presented by a
proffessor at Edinburgh University. Where the information can be found as a
hard-copy is something I do not know. Sorry it took so long to reply,
but I've got round to it in the end :)

Richard Jones
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