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Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 21:54:36 -0800

How come it takes a couple of days for my messages to reach virus???

On Oct 28 Richard Brodie wrote:

>As I have said (bracing myself for a kick in the seat from Tad), you
>CAN'T use level 2 to analyze level 3. It would be like a Level-1 chimp
>trying to digest a science textbook (by eating it).

Will you ever be able to talk to other-than-yourself levels or you will
always compare everything -- which is not like you -- with chimps? Some of
the people on this list have already declared themselves as level-3 and they
will keep you company. Those who will not conform (poor chimps) will never
be able to understand what you say.

>>to this, on what basis does such a mind decide that a meme is
>>useful? Where do its goals come from?
>Please read Chapter 12 of Virus of the Mind; I discuss my perspective on
>that issue in quite a bit of detail. Memetics derails quite a bit of
>Western philosophy.

I think it's time to make two lists of people here: those on level-3 who CAN
understand you (and of course read Chapter 12) and those who can't.

It is a very dangerous place, Richard. Was Ayn Rand infected with the same

I went to a "Dianetics Work Shop" on Sunday. It was great. Now I can
better relate to what you say, Richard. I went through the Auditing
Procedure. Now I know how to become Clear. I would like to tell you how it
is to be Clear, but you will not be able to understand it (I won't even call
you "chimps" -- we Dianeticists don't insult PreClears). It is impossible
to understand it if you are not Clear.

Please read the Dianetics book where that issue is discussed in quite a bit
of detail. Dianetics derails quite a bit of Western philosophy.

Let your hearts open to USEFUL memes and peace be with you.

The same -- and yet -- not the same


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