virus: Level 3 minds

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 21:54:38 -0800

Richard wrote:
>Tad wrote:
>>Thank you Richard. What makes you think I am on level 2?
>Your use of the distinction-meme "honest beliefs."

Using the meta-distinction-meme "useful meme" is OK on level-3, I suppose?

>>Great concepts CAN be explained. If a person is capable of grasping them is
>>a totally different thing. Any explanation "you are to stupid to understand
>>it" is not an explanation at all, and it does not move us forward.

>Those are your words, not mine.

You bet they are! What are yours?

It seems like a nice little USEFUL meme: "you said that" rather than saying
what you think. I am slowly learning the technique.

>What makes you think I'm below Level 4?

I believe your documentation. I forgot you like "undocumented features".
BTW: where are you, Richard?

Let me guess what your answer will be... "this is not a Level-3 question",

>Hmm...I would say instead that "find the truth and use it to pursue
>goals" is a Level-2 paradigm. In Level 3 you just do something
>different, not "work around" the truth.

As long as it is "something different" than the truth issue... Interesting
new definition of level-3.

>I can't really respond to this, since it's all based on a world view
>that I don't share with you.

I love this one. It is OK for a PreClear to say that.

>Does what unconsciously? Beat my wife? "Richard, stop avoiding the
>question: do you or don't you beat your wife?" "But I don't have a
>wife!" "Quit using Level-3 tricks, you hypocrite!"

You don't have a wife, eh? Why din't you say so in the first place...

If you don't have a wife you can't beat your wife, so the answer is clear:
you don't beat your wife. And you may add "because I don't have a wife". I
am sure even a level-1 chimp can understand that and will let you go. When
you say "I can not unswer that question because you are to darn stupid to
understand it" YOU are causing some misunderstanding. Don't do it in court,

>>How USEFUL is it to regard truth as unimportant, Richard?
>It has made all the difference, my friend Tad.

Does it mean you find it VERY USEFUL? Why don't you just tell your friend so?

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