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Richard Brodie (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 15:35:36 -0800

Hakeeb wrote:

>I suppose my biggest problem with this whole line of argument
>is the definition of "levels" and the attempt to apply them to human
>psyche. At some point it feels like religious meme and I'm too rabid an
>atheist to take the bait.

But CoV IS a religion!
>People have varying degrees of intelligence and self-awareness which
>be considered attributes in the same manner as sexual orientation or
>left-handedness. These are not easily quantifiable attributes as some
>I.Q. tests attempt to do. The ability to achieve certain intellectual
>goals is directly dependent on this attribute. What people do with
>intelligence is obviously a personal decision but this is limited by
>their intellectual resources. How far someone goes up the "self-esteem"
>ladder would be governed by what rung they started out on in the first

Influenced? Maybe. Governed? No. I have seen thousands of people raise
their self-awareness over a weekend as part of various LGATs (Large
Group Awareness Trainings such as est).
>Does this invalidate the meme? All I'm saying is if a person cannot
>grasp certain "basic" concepts then reading a book called "How to grasp
>basic concepts" isn't going to help. I believe this conforms with
>classic memetics : our resident memes govern our absorption of new
>therefore my argument is our level of intelligence governs the
>complexity of those memes to begin with. To put it in the most
>terms : you can't bombard a simple mind with complex concepts and hope
>they stick. Look at me, two guys brighter than me so far have pointed
>out the errors of my arguments, yet I resist.

I agree that it's difficult to make the leap from reading a book. It
seems to require immersion, which is why I suggest that after people
read my book Getting Past OK, they consider taking an immersion seminar.
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