virus: new book on memes

Don Beck (
Sun, 27 Oct 96 15:35:51 -0800

Our new book Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change
(Blackwell, l996) reveals the hidden codes that cause "little memes"
to attract or repel -- like a magnetic force that turns on and off.
We call this vMEMES or valueMEMES. 30 years research by the late Prof.
Clare W. Graves identified 8 vMEMES with the 9th beginning to form.
Thus, little "memes" (music, architecture, dress styles, semes, themes,
and other tangibles and intangibles) cluster around the magnetic polls
of these META-MEMES or vMEMES. These create cultural <DNA>-like
codes that occupy individual, organizational, and societal minds.
We have a series of assessment systems, colorful charts, and specific
management principles for people under the power of different vMEMES
as displayed in their meme attractions. We add vMEME WARFAR, vMEME
SPLICING, vMEME STACKS, vMEME SHIFTS to emerging literature. vMEMES
emerge in a spiral-like complexity, creating 1st through 4th World
asymmetrics. The global geopolitical clashes are about MEMETICS.
We used this concept in influncing the South African transformation,
with corporate structure, sports programs, schools etc. A large section
in Spiral Dynamics deals with vMEMETIC change.

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