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On 23 Oct 96 at 1:56, David Leeper wrote:

> Also, it seems to me that Christianity is the best Christianity there is. Rather than trying
> to take over their memespace, why not exploit our own?
> I think such a memespace exists and has
> lots of potential.

I think we're talking about adopting their propogation methods
rather than taking over their memespace. When a new software company
launches a product do they say to themselves 'We won't advertise
because that would be taking over MicroSofts memespace'?

> It seems to me that the power of Christianity, while broad, is not deep.

But their propogation methods are effective.

> People don't run their lives by it anymore. It's almost as if they do it because that's what's
> always been done. People are ready to hear new ideas. I think that if we present these new
> ideas, CoV will spread. But if instead of presenting new ideas all we do is try to spread, CoV
> will fail because that niche is already dominated by Christianity.

I think we should do both; present new ideas *and* adopt any means of
propogation at our disposal which doesn't compromise the fundamentals
of CoV (e.g. preaching blind obedience because it's an effective
method of spreading the word would not sit very well in the CoV

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