virus: Re: meme pairs (formerly compassion and justice) (formerly AIDS meme)

Santo Domingo (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 14:48:44 -0400

Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote

>Vicki Rosenzweig wrote :-

> The possibly memetic point is: Speaking of technicalities, here's one:
> a group of armed men break into your house.......
> .........
> ..... because the armed men are police, their invasion of your
> home without a warrant is called a "technicality."

I described a hypothetical with an armed drug pusher getting away and =
described the police abusing their power, both cases sanctioned by the =
Neither is really "justice" as it is intended to be. My argument is that =
in order to=20
prevent more occurrences of your scenario (illegal search and seizure of =
occurrences of my scenario (real criminals getting away on =
technicalities) become=20
more frequent.=20
my original hypothesis : the "justice" meme is giving way to the =
"criminal" meme because of the very nature of the justice system, which =
is to assume innocence until proven guilty. Unfortunately this noble =
approach is vulnerable to the criminal meme, which by its very nature, =
takes advantage of the weaknesses of the "justice" meme. <snip>
I'm all for freedom etc. but what I want you to appreciate is my purely =
hypothesis : the "justice" meme can pave the way for the "criminal" meme =
in certain=20
circumstances when the former is applied blindly and the latter adapts =
to the=20
loopholes of the former.

I have intuitively suspected for some time now that, due to the cause =
=3D> effect/effect =3D> cause cycle that both systems theory and =
evolutionary theory predict, memes usually appear to fill niches in the =
idea environment, and in order to do this most effectively, they usually =
are created (?) and propagated in pairs, most often in pairs of apparent =
opposites (but actually codependent, symbiotic or predator/prey mutual =
dependency relationships) i.e.:

Crime =3D> Justice
War =3D> Peace
Poverty =3D> Wealth
Evil =3D> Good
Follower (IROYC) =3D> Pagan
etc. etc. etc.

(please feel free to add, I'd like to see pairs I haven't thot of, and I =
suspect these pairs should perhaps be incorporated into the archetype =
library of virian "tarot".

In the same way that symbiotic or predator/prey species relationships =
are sort of the biological corollary of Newton's "every force exerted =
creates an equal and opposite force", these are to my mind the memetic =

Can anyone corroborate this intuition with some harder evidence? As a =
boring old banker who often feels way out of my depth on this list, I'd =
be exceptionally grateful for responses.