Re: virus: Why religious?

David Leeper (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 22:19:12 -0500

Ken Pantheists wrote:
> Vicki:
> > >
> > >still think the moral teachings had value, not only as a matter of social
> > >order, but (for example) because they encourage charity.
> > >He might even be doing charitable work in that church context
> David Leeper:
> > Plus there's the access to nubile young boys.
> There are nubile young boys right here. (I was contemplating looking up
> a link and sending it on this message, but concluded that would be
> course overkill.)
> If you as an internet user do not frequent and are vocal
> against, does that make you a hypocrit?

_Always_ include a link. That's why I have the internet. Don't worry, I'll cover you:

I'm not sure where the "hypocrit" part comes from, but I am against someone pretending to be
an Angel and is nothing but a Devil (to quote M. X). If you're a pediphile don't pretend to
be someone I can trust with my child.

David Leeper
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