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Schneider John (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 06:25:46 -0400

On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, David Leeper wrote [reformatted to fit my screen]:

> > And don't labor under the misconception that you have less faith in
> > your meme set than they have in theirs. The only difference is that
> > you value truth more than goodness, while they value goodness more
> > than truth.
> This is nonsense. Just because someone's a christian doesn't mean
> they're good.
> *Priests who fuck young boys.
> *Televangelists who take hundreds of dollars a month (per individual)
> from old people on a pension.
> *Hitler (the swastika is a symbol of God).
> *Jim Jones
> *Those Waco wackos.
> * etc, etc, etc.

I wouldn't say it's entirely nonsense... only the assumption that all
Christians are good would be nonsense... and I don't think the original
poster meant to imply that anyway.

In other posts, there have been discussions of the idea of "usefulness".

Let us replace the term "good" with "useful", and rephrase what we have
above as:

Some value truth more than usefulness, while others value
usefulness more than truth.

Now, Mr. Leeper's list works very well for that: the parties he listed
have found the "religion meme" to be very useful: it helps or helped
to achieve their rather nefarious ends. By the same token, we might
another list of those who have found the religion meme to be useful in
'good' (or at least, attempting)... Mother Theresa and Jesus Christ come
mind immediately.

I think most Churches find the religion meme most useful, while most
of their adherents are scared shitless turning away, since the "truth"
they've been taught ain't so nice for unbelievers.

As another poster pointed out at one point, the reason they call this
the 'Church' of Virus is just that: the religion meme is sooooo useful!
One goal of this church is to give the scared-shitless-Chirstians
insight into their Church's duplicitous use of the religion meme.

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