Re: virus: Memes and Genes
Thu, 17 Oct 96 09:16:14 BST

Reed Konsler wrote:

>If anyone can correct me on the above information, feel free, but that's what I

Can you give me the reference for the study to which you are refering? I
think if we analyzed it together we might come to more specific
conclusions. I realize it's a pain to dig up such all I
can say is: I heard what you heard, and then I heard that what we both
heard wasn't accurate. Given that there is a lot of hearsay about all of
this and nobody can convince anybody of much...with or without evidence...I
tend to belive the simplest theory:


I will ask the people with whom I was discussing this topic with if there are
any references which they have seen. I would imagine that a lot of it came
through the media, but I don;t know. Until that point, though, I'm afraid it's
a case of "Must be true - bloke down the Pub told me!" 8)


Genetic development does not significantly determine Memetic development.


I still think that's rather a sweeping statement to make, but that's my opinion!

Richard Jones
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