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:> 2) I believe the brain's environment has several eco-systems. Examples of these would be sex,
:> logic and survival. An attempt to map these eco-systems is the Tree Of Life. (Please excuss the
:> self-promotion, but an on-line description of the Tree of Life is at
:> ).
:I like this. Cf. Piaget on the relative development on the logic
:subsystem [I prefer CIS].

Is there an on-line reference of (Mr?, Mrs?, Miss?) Piaget?

:> 4) There would seem to be part of us that "sits apart" from all this, and makes decisions at a
:> higher level. It decides how much of our resources go into the "sexual eco-system", the
:> "logical eco-system", and so on. Perhaps a good term for this part of us would be a
:> "meta-meme", its is a meme that influences which _types_ of memes are favored and which _types_
:> are disfavored.
:This meta-meme, as a primary effect, would generate conscious experience
:when running?

Understanding consciousness is some rough terrain. However, let's see what I have in my

I think consciousness requires memes, meta-memes, and environment (including the body). Without
memes, there'd be no meta-memes. Without meta-memes, we'd be pulled in this direction, then that
direction by our conflicting memes. Without environment, neither memes nor meta-memes would
receive any real stimulus.

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