RE: virus: level 3 minds; neurobio tests

Richard Brodie (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 10:52:21 -0700

Schneider John[] wrote:

>At 01:09 PM 15/10/96, Richard Brodie wrote:
>>4. The Level-3 mind sees ALL memes as mental programming, as
>>approximations of reality, as useful girders, pulleys, and cords. The
>>Level-3 minds realizes that NO meme is True, but all memes in his
>>arsenal are at his disposal for use when useful. Arguing or despairing
>>about the truth or untruth of a meme is a Level-2 exercise.
>Aha! Bill Clinton is a Level-3 mind: truth or pretense, bah! Whatever

He may well be, but I've never met him. Everything you think you know
about him is filtered through the extremely biasing meme-mill of the
media. And most of that is engineered propaganda before it even enters
the mill.

>Ahem, anyway - I do find with staggering frequency that it is "useful"
>know whether or not certain concepts are true.

Seriously, what's an example? When you stop to think, you may find that
what you really find useful is to know whether certain concepts

> Although - I like how
>relates to the "God meme": the Level-3 mind doesn't much care whether
>or not there is a god. Then again, all the True Level-3 minds are
>surely living
>in small huts on the plateaus of Tibet, and are totally unconcerned
>whole concept of "memetics" in the first place.
I've never been to Tibet, but there are quite a few people in Seattle
who live much of their lives in Level 3.

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