virus: level 3 minds; neurobio tests

Schneider John (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 05:29:33 -0400

At 01:09 PM 15/10/96, Richard Brodie wrote:
>4. The Level-3 mind sees ALL memes as mental programming, as
>approximations of reality, as useful girders, pulleys, and cords. The
>Level-3 minds realizes that NO meme is True, but all memes in his
>arsenal are at his disposal for use when useful. Arguing or despairing
>about the truth or untruth of a meme is a Level-2 exercise.

Aha! Bill Clinton is a Level-3 mind: truth or pretense, bah! Whatever
Ahem, anyway - I do find with staggering frequency that it is "useful"
know whether or not certain concepts are true. Although - I like how
relates to the "God meme": the Level-3 mind doesn't much care whether
or not there is a god. Then again, all the True Level-3 minds are
surely living
in small huts on the plateaus of Tibet, and are totally unconcerned with
whole concept of "memetics" in the first place.

At 09:04 PM 15/10/96, Reed Konsler wrote:
> At this time memetics is a theory which has yet to be corroborated
> by the neurobiological tests which might disprove it.

Can't wait.

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