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Sun, 13 Oct 1996 13:27:37 +0000

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Kenneth Boyd wrote :-

>Regardless of the total space, if a meme takes too much
>power to understand, it may not stay in long enough to compete.

I'm tempted to agree that a "large" mind is required to hold a large
"meme" like atheism, but what about brilliant theists like Einstein and
DeCartes? I read in NewsWeek that one of the top Genetic Engineers
working on the Human Genome project teaches Bible classes in his spare
time. Can we differentiate between one "type" of brilliance versus
another? These men are physics smart but "God meme" stupid?

I believe the answer lies in a mental "uncertainty" chip in our heads
and there is a random element if we're "pro God meme" or "anti God
meme". The probability however is not equal, there are more people with
"pro God meme" mental chips than those with "anti God meme" mental
chips. This we can tell from observation of our societies where theists
out-number atheists by something like (say) 10 to 1. Has anyone ever
done a study of the actual ratio for say a single State or the whole

There is no way to tell how someone would "believe" based on their
academic record or their memetic environment - it all boils down to a
random element.

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