RE[2]: virus: Hosts
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 16:18:25 -0600

>> Has anyone discussed why different minds adhere to different memes? For
example, why am I an atheist but my
>> brother a religious fanatic?
>The answer is within the question, isn't it? Different minds precieve,
treat and propagate memes differently
>BECAUSE they're different. Have you any deeper point? Please explain it

This question seems to hinge on the worn nature-nurture question,
doesn't it? Possibly the brother holds this particular meme-complex because
he fundamentally cannot achieve a substantial degree of autonomy, thus
requiring such a symbiotic relationship with a religious frame of
reference; or possibly he chooses to maintain that symbiotic relationship
because he finds it more effective than his previous attempts at fully
autonomous thought [ref. The EMPRINT Method by Cameron-Bandler, Gordon, &
Lebeau (NLP research)].
The two previously posted responses to this question (including the
one quoted above) seem to suggest that a genetic basis operates in meme
selection. Do we have any hard evidence to support this, as opposed to
cultural- or experiential-based selection?

Toward the accumulation of useful information,