Re: virus: Holy Fire
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 00:15:12 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, David Leeper wrote:

> :> Heart Of The Matter:
> :> Tarot & Company have survived to this day in the face of opposition from
> :> every quarter, from religion to science and everything in between.
> :> These meme complexes use memes such as "Predict the future" to infect.
> :> Without such a meme the entire complex would have become extinct a long
> :> time ago. We could learn alot from these "psuedo-sciences".
> :> Mathematics, on the other hand, is officially sanctioned by the powers
> :> that be, offers high-paying jobs, and so on, and yet only a small
> :> portion of the population understands it.
> :
> :1) No. Not when major universities like Rochester want to outright
> :destroy their mathematics departments! [And are....]
> :
> :2) The pay pales compared to computer science [programming, systems
> I would say there's more money in math that in the tarot, but the tarot has memes which are
> highly infective. I'm simply giving the devil his due.

Really ;)

Let me see: [American dollars]
A Tarot reading goes for $30 an hour at one bookstore I know of, and
that is considered mid-range. [Of course, the typical reading is less
than an hour.]
A mathematician's entry level wage corresponds to around $15 per hour.

The wages seem to be about the same, if one is good at one's chosen job.

/ Kenneth Boyd