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Jason McVean (
Mon, 30 Sep 96 9:36:46 MDT

> I'd be happy to donate artwork for the project (either images I've already
> created that happen to fit, or images created specifically for the "deck").
> If any of you would like to check out my gallery, I think there's a few
> pieces there that fit some of the symbols that have been mentioned.
> The address for the gallery is

It turns out that I'd already been to your site and didn't make
the connection. Very nice!

I don't have nearly the extensive portfolio but I do spend a lot
of time making pretty pictures. I love the idea of this project
(Tarot or Magic or both) and I'd like to offer my services as
well. If you like, you can find some of my stuff at the site
given below.

> I'd need quite a bit of guidance in creating images specifically for the
> deck however, as I'm not familiar with the tarot in the least.

I just received the latest issue of Adobe magazine and noticed
there just happens to be an article on Magic cards... clearly a
higher order at work. It isn't very long but it does mention that
the game has rejuvinated the field of fantasy art, which up until
then had been largely restricted to photo-realistic styles. I
guess selected artists are told what the card for which they are
to supply art is called and how it will work. They are then
essentially free to do what they think is appropriate.

Tarot cards would probably require more constraints though.

An idea concerning Virian Magic and it's testing: I assume that
if this project ever takes off, the testing that will be required
will be done largely over the internet. It would be nice to be
able to add art to a bank from which the test decks are
constructed. I envision many cards being designed but art being
much more scarce. Until a card had art it would appear with only
its vital information. As more cards are designed, the bank would
gradually fill out. In the end, there would be art for all the
cards, and hopefully, more than one for each card.


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