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Wade T. Smith (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 07:43:28 -0400

>In other words, the philosophy of the scientists is preventing them from
>using the appropriate tools.

And there's most of the argument in a nutshell....

>Indeed, it has been experimentally demonstrated that changing the
>A-vector field, without measurably changing the electomagnetic field, is
>sufficient to cause an acceleration in an (ensemble of) electron(s). In
>other words, the hypothesis that the electromagnetic field is
>responsible for electromagnetic acceleration gives contrary predictions
>to experiment, while the A-vector field hypothesis does NOT.
>The catch?
> Electomagnetic field: Has been observed and measured.
> A-vector field: never observed nor measured.
>I.e.: What you can't see [the A-vector field] is more real than what you
>can see [the electromagnetic field]. (I'm assuming current
>instrumentation, of course!)
>Wade, do you have a reaction/response to this?

Well, the physics is beyond me, but if you can say 'it has been
experimentally demonstrated', in what way is this _not_ 'never observed nor
measured'? And how can something be changed that ain't there?

The main focus here, I think, is that science allows changing scopes of
investigation, and makes no attempt to wrap the universe up into any handy
package. The fact its various packages don't seem to fit inside each other
is only a matter of 'yet'.

>/ Kenneth Boyd

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